Good Income with Insurance Agent

Car salesman It is an honest career that is not easy as many people think because it has an unstable income. It depends on many variables that a small employee One cannot control whether it is the number of customers that meet each month, the appearance, the features, and the price of the product. In the present, the competition is high. Both between the car sales staff as well And between car camps It makes selling cars even more difficult. Substantial income in the past There is a downward trend. And there is more uncertainty As a result, some months go into a state of inconvenience. Income is not as booming as in the past.

Car insurance sales Able to make millions for you in 3 years!
Do you know There is a way to generate substantial income that can be supplemented with today’s auto sales job, namely, selling auto insurance.

For common people Cars are considered to be the most valuable asset after a home, and therefore auto insurance is something that every customer is automatically willing to buy. Both customers buy cars in cash Or through finance, from customer statistics, will get first-class insurance after buying a new car for about 4 years by finance customers Will be forced to take out first-class insurance under the loan agreement for the first year only This makes selling or renewing auto insurance a golden opportunity for auto salespeople looking to make short-term and long-term income alongside their current job without you having to invest or take any extra work time. And able to develop into a main occupation in order to create stability in the future without any limits

In the event that you have 5 clients per month, you can earn up to THB 162,000 per year from 1st class car insurance commissions (15,000 THB per person x 5 persons x 12 months x 18% commission) if you renew a group customer. This can get 75% for the next 3 years (average car life of 4 years), the total commission of customers in this first year will total 442,969 baht in case you do this together with your car sales career for 3 years. Total from your commission will be up to 1.3 million baht. Important. You will receive commissions for another 3 years from the policy renewal, even if you stop selling your car. It is also a customer base for you to offer other types of insurance policies such as home property insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, life insurance, etc., which can generate unlimited income for you.

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