6 Tricks for Insurance Marketing

  1. Prepare
    Prepare and prepare both job information and customer information. We must know the best of our products and services in order to be responsive to our customers and to build their own credibility. It is also important to study customer information. What kind of customers our customers are What kind of insurance are you interested in? To respond to the point and meet the needs of customers. Until the sale can be closed
  2. Sincerity
    What we should have is sincerity to others. The more people who have a service profession or as an insurance sales agent. Sincerity is what should be conveyed to customers as possible. Take into account the benefits that customers will receive first. It is not primarily for their own benefit.
  3. have the art of speaking
    Essential skills for sales Will customers listen to or trust our words? It is in the fact that we say it should not be talking that is too forceful of sales. And should not be joking until it invades customers But should be relevant to the point Do not go round and give important information. Customers will not be bored and listen to us more.

4.Be a good listener or advisor
If we are the only speaker in the conversation, it would not be perfect. Being a good listener for your customers It is one thing that agents should do. Create questions for clients to tell stories such as what insurance they have and how do they feel? In addition to making the conversation smoother, it will also allow us to receive more information. Remember that we are not just agents, but also good advisers.

  1. Personality and dress
    Appearance is very important in a service or agency profession such as dress, speech, speech, gesture, expression. Because it is the first thing that customers see us, also known as “First Impression”. Personality and good dress will create both credibility and professionalism for you.

6.Enjoy selling
If you’re taking too much of a sales seriously, it can be stressful and stressful on yourself that you might not be able to do your job well. Add ability And also exchange ideas with others When we are not pressured when doing something, good results will always follow.

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